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Complete scene/chapter listing to date

... because some of them have been out of order, and we want to make it as convenient as possible for you all to read and comment.

1. Airport lounges are the worst places in the world.

2. Mid-afternoon

3. Today it was Anthony in the cafe.

4. Out of the very corner of his eye

5. The park was the place to lose him

6. Judith

7. Dan

8. It didn't make sense.

9. In the last six years, I've only been summoned to the Directorate once.

10. Unsurprisingly, Martin Dowell gets what he wants, when he wants it.

11. Eric, I don't know where the footage comes from

12. The meeting with Robin Nash

13. The remainder of the meeting with Robin Nash

14. Bloody Phoebe had booked him into the same hotel as Robin Nash, despite his specific request.

15. He couldn't help but laugh.

16. He had never seen a dead body at quite such close quarters.

17. Eric Sztor is marginally less of an asshole than I initially thought.

18. My head hurts.

19. The next morning, a pleasant surprise.

20. The restaurant, when he found it, was down a quiet alley

21. It's not often that a field office is a place of rest.

22. Her first thought was to contact Eric Sztor.

23. Even when she was really angry, her face didn't move very much.

24. I was once on a hijacked plane.

25. Stop, you idiot

26. He needed to find Dan

27. The short journey passed without incident.

28. He looked at the walls in horror

29. No-one else would even know it was Dan

As always, comments on anything that occurs to you are very welcome.

F, if you have a moment, can you run through these and check I got the continuity order right?

Edit: The date on this post has been put forward so it will sit at the top of the journal until - hopefully - long after we're done writing. Links to new chapters/scenes will be added here as we post them.
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